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                    MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET

IDENTITY: FSC-88 WB Date of Preparation: 1/1/09

SECTION I - Material and Manufacturer Identification

Manufacturers Name & Address Emergency Telephone Numbers:

Coastal Enterprises Company N/A
P.O. Box 4875
Orange, CA 92863-4875 For Information: Call (800) 845-0745

Product Name: FSC-88 WB ID Number: NA

Chemical Name: Water Based Filler Formula: Mixture

DOT Proper Shipping Name: N/A DOT Hazard Classification: NA

SECTION II - Composition / Information on Ingredients

Aqua Ammonia
Cas # 1336-21-6 .01% 25 b 35 b none
35 b ppm

Cas # 7732-18-5 20-50% NA NA NA NA NA

Calcium Carbonate
Cas # 1317-65-3 10-50% NA NA NA NA NA
Acrylic polymers
Non-Hazardous 30-90% None None None None None

SECTION III - Hazards Identification

Emergency Overview: NA
Potential Health Effects: None
Ingestion: None known
Skin Contact: Prolonged or repeated contact may cause mild skin irritation
Inhalation: May cause headache, nausea, and irritation of nose, throat, and lungs.
Eye Contact: May irritate eyes.
Medical Conditions Aggravated: None known
Subchronic (target organs) Effects: None known
Chronic Effects / Carcingenicity: This product or one of its ingredients present .1% or more is
NOT listed as a carcinogen or suspected carcinogen by NTP, IRAC, or OSHA.
Products / Ingredients: This space reserved for special use
Principle Routes of Exposure: Skin / Eye Contact / Inhalation
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Other: None known

SECTION IV - First Aid Measures

Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. Slowly dilute with 1-2 glasses of water or milk and get
medical attention. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.
Skin: Wash with soap and warm water. Consult a physician if irritation persists.
Inhalation: Move subject to fresh air.
Eyes: In case of contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes and
get medical attention if irritation persists.
Note to Physician: None known

SECTION V - Fire Fighting Measures

Flash Point: Non-combustible, will burn only after water is driven off.
Method: PMCC
Ignition Temp: Not Applicable
Flammable Limits in Air Lower: None (water)
Flammable Limits in Air Upper: None (water)
Sensitivity to Mechanical Impact: (Y/N) No
Sensitivity to Static Discharge: Not expected
Extinguishing Media: All standard fire fighting media
Special Fire Fighting Procedures: Fire fighters should wear breathing apparatus

SECTION VI - Accidental Release Measures

Action to be Taken If Material is Released or Spilled: Soak up an inert material and put in a
container for disposal. Wash walking surfaces with soap and warm water to reduce slipping
hazard. Keep spills and cleaning runoff out of municipals, sewers, and open bodies of water.

SECTION VII - Handling and Storage

Precautions to be Taken in Handling and Storage: Avoid contact with eyes

SECTION VIII - Exposure Control / Personal Protection

Engineering Controls: None
Respiratory Protection: Use in well-ventilated area
Protective Gloves: Yes
Eye and Face Protection: Safety glasses
Other Protective Equipment: None known
Ventilation: Use in a well-ventilated area

SECTION IX - Physical and Chemical Properties

Boiling Point: 100癈 / 212癋 % Volatile by Volume: 30-90%
Vapor Pressure: NA Melting Point: NA

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Vapor Density: NA Specific Gravity: 1.5
Freezing Point: O癈/32癋 Solubility in Water: 99%
Evaporation Rate (Butyl Acetate = 1): <1 Voc: (EPA Method 24): GPL 50
Physical State: Liquid Odor: None (mild)
PH: 8-9

SECTION X - Stability and Reactivity

Stability: Stable
Hazardous Polymerization: Will not occur
Hazardous Thermal Decomposition / Combustion Products: Thermal decomposition may
yield styrene and acrylic monomers.
Incompatibility (Materials to Avoid): None known
Conditions to Avoid: None known

SECTION XI - Toxicological Information

Acute Oral LD50 (MG/KG): Rat > 5000 mg/kg
Acute Dermal LD50 (MG/KG): Rabbit 5000 mg/kg
Acute Inhalation LC50 (MG/L): None found
Other: Non-irritating to skin (rbt) minimally irritating to eye (rbt).
Ames Test: Unknown

SECTION XII - Ecological Information

No data at this time

SECTION XIII - Disposal Information

Disposal Method: Disposal should be made in accordance with federal, state and local

SECTION XIV - Transportation Information

No Regulations

SECTION XV - Regulatory Information
No chemicals in this product are regulated at the amounts used.

This product is considered non-hazardous under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard
SARA TITLE 3: Section 311/312 Categorizations (40 CFR 370: This product is not a
hazardous chemical under 29CFR 1910.1200, and therefore is not covered by Title III of SARA.

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SARA TITLE 3: Section 313 Information (40 CFR 372): This product does not contain a
chemical which is listed in section 312 at or above the minimum concentrations.

CERLA Information (40CFR 302.5): Releases of this material to air, land, or water are not
reportable to the National Response Center under the Comprehensive Environmental Response,
Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) or state and local emergency planning committees
under the Superfund Amendments and Re-authorizations Act (SARA) Title III Section 304.

Waste Classification: When a decision is made to discard this material as supplied, it does not
meet RCRA's characteristic definition of ignitability, corrosivity, or reactivity, and is not listed in 40
CFR 261.33. The toxicity characteristic (TC) however, has not been evaluated by the Toxicity
Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP).

United States: All components of this product are in compliance with the inventory listing
requirements of the U.S. Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Chemical Substance Inventory.

Pennsylvania: Any material listed as Non-Hazardous in the CAS REG NO. Column of Section 2,
Composition / Information on Ingredients of this MSDS is a trade secret under the provisions of
the Pennsylvania Worker and Community Right-To-Know Act.

SECTION XVI - Additional Information

This product contains the following substance (S) identified by OSHA, WHMIS, or the ACGIH as
hazardous. During normal use, the material will not present an exposure risk. Once the product
has reached its final state and is sanded or abraded, dust may occur.

20-50% Calcium Carbonate (1317-65-3)
Exposure limit total dust 15/mg/m3 (OSHA) 10 mg/m3 (ACGIH)
Exposure limit; respirable dust 5 mg/m3 (OSHA)
LD50: No data found LC 50: No data found

The information contained herein is based on data believed by Coastal Enterprises Company to be accurate, but we do
not assume any liability for the accuracy of this information. We neither suggest nor guarantee that any hazards
mentioned are the only ones, which exist. Anyone intending to rely on any recommendation or to use any equipment
technique or material mentioned should also satisfy himself that he could meet all applicable safety and health standards.
Determination of the suitability of any information or product for the use contemplated by any user, the manner of that use
and whether there is any infringement of patents, is the sole responsibility of the user.

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67-63-0_111-76-2_1336-21-6.asp 67-63-0 111-76-2 1336-21-6
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1336-21-6_7732-18-5_78-51-3_111-77-3_1314-13-2.asp 1336-21-6 7732-18-5 78-51-3 111-77-3 1314-13-2
111-90-0_78-51-3_1336-21-6_1314-13.asp 111-90-0 78-51-3 1336-21-6 1314-13-2
7732-18-5_111-76-2_1336-21-6_151-21.asp 7732-18-5 111-76-2 1336-21-6 151-21-3
67-63-0_1336-21-6_68391-01-5_68956-79-5_7732-18-5.asp 67-63-0 1336-21-6 68391-01-5 68956-79-5 7732-18-5
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111-76-2_67-63-0_7732-18-5_1336-21-6_7727-37-9.asp 111-76-2 67-63-0 7732-18-5 1336-21-6 7727-37-9
67-63-0_1336-21-6_68391-01-5_68956-79-6_7732-18-5.asp 67-63-0 1336-21-6 68391-01-5 68956-79-6 7732-18-5
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1336-21-6_7664-41-7_7732-18.asp 1336-21-6 7664-41-7 7732-18-5
1336-21-6_68439-46-3_64-17-5_7732-18-5.asp 1336-21-6 68439-46-3 64-17-5 7732-18-5
7732-18-5_1336-21-6_2682-20-4_3468-63.asp 7732-18-5 1336-21-6 2682-20-4 3468-63-1
67-63-0_1336-21-6_144-62-7_14808-60-7.asp 67-63-0 1336-21-6 144-62-7 14808-60-7
7732-18-5_1336-21-6_7664-41.asp 7732-18-5 1336-21-6 7664-41-7


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